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The first artwork in the 'Goddesses of Nature' series.

Rainbow Goddess' embroidered eye

This original artwork took around four months to complete. Rainbows have been relevant throughout history as they symbolise hope, peace and unity. Iris, Goddess of Rainbows was said to be gentle, optimistic and kind. The symbolism of rainbows has recently been more important than ever. Creating this artwork allowed a connection with the wider community at a time of isolation. 


The face of Iris, Goddess of Rainbows was hand embroidered. The skin tone was stitched in a prism pattern to subtly add to the rainbow theme. The colours of the rainbow were applied for shading in order to define her features. Her eyes, eyebrows and lips were also created with the rainbow theme in mind. 

Close up of Rainbow Goddess' face
Rainbow Goddess

The crown incorporates crystal beads as well as bold and colourful beadwork. This allowed the final feel of the artwork to be as impactful as possible. The background of the piece has been hand painted using fabric paints. The background features an originally designed a prism pattern which adds to the striking appearance of the artwork.

3D elements of Rainbow Goddess
Close up of Rainbow Goddess' face
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