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The third artwork in the 'Nature & Us' collection.

The floral brain is the third hand embroidered artwork in the ‘Nature & Us’ collection. The design is based on a scientific diagram of a human brain. Each different section of colour represents a different area of the brain.

The inspiration behind the floral brain is my own personal mental health journey. I have suffered with anxiety since childhood and this has often been a barrier for me achieving my dreams. Discovering hand embroidery felt like finding a missing piece of myself. It brings me a sense of calm and has increased my confidence. The floral brain artwork also explores how engaging with nature can be beneficial to our physical and mental health.

The design is very colourful and features a rose, poppy, dahlias, pansies, a columbine, leaves, vines, smaller flowers and berries. Creating the floral brain artwork took around 100 hours. 

Floral Brain Artwork
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