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My Story

Hannah with the Floral Lungs original artwork

I am inspired by nature and am particularly interested in how we as humans interact with the natural world. I believe that nature can be a really powerful tool for healing and immersing ourselves in the natural world can greatly benefit our physical and mental health. As someone who has suffered with anxiety since childhood, I have found being in nature slows my thoughts and calms my mind.

Hannah with the Floral Heart original artwork

Each concept begins as a drawing which is then transferred onto organic cotton fabric. Each artwork is then densely stitched using a variety of textile techniques.

My name is Hannah and I am the Artist behind Juniper Forest Embroidery. I create original hand embroidered artwork. I aim to creatively showcase the powerful connection between humanity and the natural world in a unique way.

Hannah with Floral Brain original artwork

This in turn improves my physical health as my stress levels are reduced. I feel a great sense of peace when I am out in nature. Appreciating how much nature has helped me manage my mental health is the main inspiration for my designs. I want to visibly represent the healing power of nature through my embroidery.

Mother Nature Artist

I studied textiles for a total of seven years, both at college and university. I completed my MA in Textile Design at Staffordshire University. Previous to that I studied BSc Management and Marketing of Textiles at The University of Manchester and achieved a BTEC in Fashion Design at college. 

Rainbow Artist
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