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The first artwork in the 'Goddesses of Nature' series.

This original artwork took six months to produce. The face and body of Mother Nature, along with the flowers in her hair were hand embroidered. Mother Nature's hair was created using thousands of loops, all created by hand.


Her hair has an ombre effect repesenting the changing seasons. The green and brown tones signify new growth whilst the paler golden tones show the life cycles found in nature.

Mother Nature Artwork in full
Close Up of Mother Nature Artwork flower
Close of of Mother Nature flowers
Mother Nature angled photo

The background has been painted onto the fabric and the pattern created aims to include natures four elements. The piece could be interpreted as Mother Nature is lying in water and her hair is being gentle manipulated by the current.


The background could also symbolise clouds and the swirling shape of Mother Nature's hair is being created by the wind. The brighter colours in the top left hand corner represent fire and the sun. Earth can be seen in the golden tones throughout the piece.

Close up of Mother Nature's embroidered face
Close up of Mother Nature's flowers
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